British Woman Wants to Be the First to Give Birth on Mars

Ever since we first knew there was a Mars, and we stopped believing that the stars in the nighttime sky were the beaver god’s way of telling us that it loved us, we’ve dreamt of being able to send a crew of space travelers to explore it. Since then, we’ve taken photos of it, observed its patterns and even sent very expensive robots to explore it with varied degrees of success and utter, hilarious failure

Now that we are closer than ever to actually sending humans to the Red Planet, one intrepid woman wants to make her mark by becoming the first person to become a mother on Mars. 

Astrophysicist Maggie Lieu, one of 600 people on the list of the famed Mars One Project, said she doesn’t just want to be among the first people to visit Mars. She wants to be the first to give birth on it. Her feat would set a number of firsts for the Mars One project and in the annals of space history. She would also be the first person to get an epidural on another planet and create the first human to be born on another planet. Her husband would also become the first person to be called a “dumb son of a bitch” while their wife is experiencing intense labor pains on another planet.  

The idea may sound crazy but being the first to give birth on Mars would be a major scientific breakthrough on top of an already impressive achievement. The Mars One project aims to build an entire working colony on the Red Planet and such an endeavor requires a working hospital with several specialties that can handle all sorts of medical procedures and maladies in a low gravity environment. We’re also pretty sure that they would put a Starbucks up there.