How Much Would You Pay For The World’s Most Expensive Burger?

Some people have so much money and buy so many ridiculous things that there seems to be a weird race in which the person who has the most money and the most dumb things in their shell of a manor when they die wins. The reason why it’s dumb is because they won’t be able to take it with them when they die. We may have found one item that they can take them into the ground assuming that they eat right before they croak presumably from a cocaine-heroin overdose while snorting a line off the President’s head.

A restaurant in London claims that they have created the world’s most expensive hamburger. Chelsea’s Honky Tonk’s super decadent treat comes with all sorts of expensive fillings housed in a bun that could cover your rent if pawn shops accepted food. The 1,100 pound (that’s how much it costs, not how much it weighs.  In good ol’ US dollars that’s about $1800) burger has a pure Kobe beef patty, black truffle brie cheese and fresh Canadian lobster. It’s served on a brioche bun coated in gold leaves and comes with Beluga caviar, Champagne jus and a grated white truffle topping. If they really wanted to make it a super decadent burger, they should serve it on a silver plate washed with the tears of a starving orphan.

The burger has 14 listed ingredients that even out to nearly $150 a piece, and that includes salt.  Called The Glamburger, because of course it is, also clocks in at over 2000 calories, more than a recommended daily intake for all three meals, meaning it’s not just for the rich, but rich, unhealthy fatties.

It’s the perfect hangover food for the rich trust fund kid who spent the entire night drinking a special kind of whiskey that’s served in the preserved body of an endangered spotted owl.

So what do you think?  Any chance at all this burger is worth it?