Bride Threatens To Delete FB Friends Because They Wouldn’t Pay $3,000 For Destination Wedding

Weddings bring out the worst in people. First it was the bride who cancelled hers after the guests refused to pay $60,000 for the service and reception, and now we have this entitled millennial who threatened to delete her Facebook friends because they’re unwilling to shell out $3,000 for her destination wedding. Frankly, she’d be doing them a favor.

Bride Threatens to Delete Friends After They Refuse to Pay For Wedding

On Thursday, a Reddit user posted the above screenshot to r/ChoosingBeggars after the unnamed bride lashed out over how many people had RSVP’d to her wedding. Only nine out of 150 invited guests had said they were coming, which is nine more than I would’ve expected – the only people who have destination weddings are the rich and the delusional poor who think having one will make them “fancy.” Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

After realizing that no one was going to waste $3,000 on someone else’s wedding when that money could go towards something worthwhile, like lottery tickets or a pet rock, the bride decided to be reasonable and change the location of their wedding – to Hawaii. Technically she did downgrade since the Hawaii wedding was only $2,000 per person, but after switching to the cheaper wedding she still only had seven  people RSVP. Can you blame them? It’s like bitching about how your parents bought you a Tesla to drive at 16 when everybody else is driving a Ford Fiesta, then swapping to a BMW and whining while you’re still the only one in a 10-mile radius with power windows.

Bride Threatens to Delete Friends After They Refuse to Pay For Wedding: No Change of Heart Here

And if you’re wondering if the bride realized how tone-deaf that status came across, the answer is obviously no.

At least her fiancé realizes what a twat she’s being. “Jeez all I wanted is to share my day with ya’ll” says the bride who can’t be bothered to have her wedding someplace people can actually fucking drive to. If having people there was so important she wouldn’t have picked THAILAND of all places to have it – and then Hawaii? Girl there are 50 states to pick from here and you had to go and pick the one that’s off floating by itself in the middle of nowhere; even Cuba would’ve been a cheaper, closer pick. I’m sure there’s a chapel and venue somewhere in Kentucky that’ll do the whole thing for $100 and a case of PBR, but God forbid any of your guests actually be able to attend.

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