Bride Has Sex With Stripper Dwarf At Bachelorette Party, Has His Baby

You can go to a regular strip club any time, but on your bachelor or bachelorette party, it’s time to get weird and wild. That’s what one woman from Valencia, Spain wanted to do when she and her girlfriends hired a dwarf stripper for her bachelorette party – or Hen’s Night as they call it some places. It was such a good party, that as Tracy Morgan would say; “Somebody is gonna get pregnant tonight!” –And that they did.

It must be true that “size doesn’t matter” because after the festivities of the night ended the bride to be had sex with the dwarf stripper. She kept this secret to herself, not even her close friends in attendance to the party knew about it. She and her man got married, and her new husband thought the pregnancy was his child for the past nine months… up until it was born.

When the child was born doctors discovered that the baby had signs of dwarfism and the woman broke down and confessed to the stripper sex. Awkward. If the child gets to know his real father, that’s going to be a very awkward “How did mommy and daddy meet?” conversation.

In case anyone is curious, there are lady – dwarf – strippers too.  Just sayin’

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