Edward Snowden Speaks! Interview To Air On NBC

Well if this isn’t the interview of the year.  Edward Snowden sat down with Brian Williams of NBC News for an interview that will air on Wednesday May 28th at 10PM Eastern/9 PM Central.  Why do they always leave out pacific time, because I really hate math.

30-year-old-but-could-pass-for-13 Snowden was a former contractor for the National Security Agency who disclosed classified documents to several news outlets, not to mention a conspiracy theorist heartthrob. He had yet to give an in-depth interview until now and we are excited.

Personally, I like the promo image that NBC just released, with Brian Williams turned around in his chair as if to say to the cameraman “Martin, it was you that farted wasn’t it.” 

[[contentId: 2612749| | style: height:308px; width:549px]]

Here are a few questions we hope Brian Williams will ask Snowden in what will surely be an extremely serious conversation:

“Can you tell me my Ebay password?  Seriously, I keep forgetting it.  I know it’s Stinky-Pie something something.”

“How many naked cell pics of Scar-Jo have you seen / own?”

“And finally, how does Mad Men end?”

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Regardless, this should be a pretty interesting interview, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with NBC’s all-new Growing Up Fisher.  Gotta have my Growing Up Fisher.

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