Edward Snowden Speaks! Interview To Air On NBC

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on May. 22, 2014

Well if this isn't the interview of the year.  Edward Snowden sat down with Brian Williams of NBC News for an interview that will air on Wednesday May 28th at 10PM Eastern/9 PM Central.  Why do they always leave out pacific time, because I really hate math.

30-year-old-but-could-pass-for-13 Snowden was a former contractor for the National Security Agency who disclosed classified documents to several news outlets, not to mention a conspiracy theorist heartthrob. He had yet to give an in-depth interview until now and we are excited.

Personally, I like the promo image that NBC just released, with Brian Williams turned around in his chair as if to say to the cameraman "Martin, it was you that farted wasn't it." 

Here are a few questions we hope Brian Williams will ask Snowden in what will surely be an extremely serious conversation:

"Can you tell me my Ebay password?  Seriously, I keep forgetting it.  I know it's Stinky-Pie something something."

"How many naked cell pics of Scar-Jo have you seen / own?"

"And finally, how does Mad Men end?"

Regardless, this should be a pretty interesting interview, just as long as it doesn't interfere with NBC's all-new Growing Up Fisher.  Gotta have my Growing Up Fisher.

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ILLest05 User

If it wasn't for Snowden the US public would be far less informed on how the NSA spies on its own people... He should be pardoned and congratulated if anything... He gave up his entire life in the US for this.

pspwallace User

Growing up Fisher was cancelled.....:-(

ripsteele User

in a perfect world this would be a funny article, i get the comedic value put into it, too bad rhetoric like this is counter productive in these times, for example watch this decent washed up actor who conveniently has since gone completely inexplicably insane recently  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ux1hpLvqMw

Agnot3k User

What's sad is Break is so damn dumb as to make jokes of this. Snowden tried to open people's eyes to just how far Gov surveillance as gone and people still don't give a shit. Sad really. 

Mike-Emmons-39 User

I hope they are not in the same room. Brian Wilson is my favorite MC, I don't want him to die in a drone attack.

Todd-Spence moderator User

@pspwallace  Oh they still have some new episodes coming out.  Really excited.

IamObama User

@Agnot3k It's because anyone with a modicum of sense has great unease with what he presented and knows that a shitstorm eventually will come. The engine has already been started and it can't be stopped. I'd love to be able to see a history book from 100 years ahead and see how he was judged once it all plays out. I bet there is a "Snowden Day" like MLK has somewhere in the extended future after it's all settled. Future people will understand his sacrifices.

Rick_S User

@Agnot3k I give a shit.  So much of a shit I want him brought home and brought to justice. What he did may or may not have been in the public interest and for the greater good.  I don't debate that point, because that is a matter of opinion.

He broke the law.  He needs to face the punishment for doing that.

If he is half the hero people make him out to be, he wouldn't have run from that punishment.

Todd-Spence moderator User

@Agnot3k Seriously, Brian Williams cannot remember his ebay password!

Rick_S User

@IamObama what sacrifices?  That he left his life in the US? That he gave up his girlfriend?  He's still a free man.  Free to come and go as he pleases.  I judge him on his choice of sacrifice.  What he did was illegal, and he should have accepted the punishment for his crime.  That would be a true sacrifice.

Tsoko User

@Rick_S @Agnot3k are you a fucking moron? What the US gov has been doing to us was breaking the law, they should be punished. If he gets punished for letting us know what the gov has been doing to us then all that will do is show the gov they can get away with what ever they want.

Bobaslaw User

@Rick_SYou're the type of Patriot that will allow our gov. to shove any law they desire right up your butt.  You do understand that it takes "people" to decide how far our gov. can go with pulling laws our of their asses on any and every whim, right?  

wardman86 User

@Rick_S @IamObama yeah rick he did give up his life,  honestly in anyway do you actually even see this guy getting a fair trial? he wont its a fact. what your saying is valid in a perfect world full of americans that actually care about what their government is doing but the sad fact is most of us dont care we  have become a nation of people thinking someone else will do it for us. snowden showed us the truth it was up to us to actually act on that and we failed miserably at it. he wont get a fair trial because of the people who actually run the show behind the scenes will make sure he doesn't. the facts are most of us americans dont want to believe or care about what the government is doing.

Rick_S User

@Bobaslaw @Rick_S You're wrong.  I'm not saying that he should or shouldn't have done what he did.  I'm saying that he knew what he was doing was illegal, and that he should be willing to face the punishment for it.

I agree that there are times when the law is wrong and breaking it is the right thing to do.  Rosa Parks is a wonderful example.  But she didn't run to Russia to avoid the punishment. She challenged an unjust law, and faced the consequences, which is what I'm saying Snowden should be doing.

Not hiding in Russia like a coward.