‘Independence Day 2’ Sees The Return Of The Alien-Loving Scientist

The cast is slowly but surely coming together for the long overdue Independence Day 2. The last time we reported on the casting was when Jeff Goldblum finally said yes, which in my opinion is far more important than seeing Will Smith’s possible return. I prefer my Independence Day filled with more thought than one-liners. Since then Vivica A. Fox has agreed to come back, and today, we see the official word that Dr. Brackish Okun (actor Brent Spiner) will be returning to the lab coat for the sequel as well. But…didn’t he die in the first movie?

Spiner’s “Never release me” comment seems to be a joke about how he died in the first movie when one of the alien’s that had been originally caught and held at Area 51 choked him to death with its tentacle. Unfortunately as of right now, there’s no reasoning as to how his character will return in the sequel but my guess is some sort of recording explaning to future, much younger scientists his findings on the alien beings. Hopefully there’s more to it than that old cliche, so who knows.

But of course most are hoping Will Smith will return to make this sequel official and not some sad attempt, only bringing back one half of the film’s duo like Tremors 2. That’s right, I made a Tremors 2 reference. Smith literally just started the rehearsal process for the film adaption of Suicide Squad so he’s probably out of commission for a while. Can ID4…2 hold off production until he’s free? We certainly know Randy Quaid is probably ready to sign any contract they throw his away.

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