Break’s Video Of The Year FINALS!

This is it, people. The top two videos of the year as voted on by you. Which one will take home the prize of Best Break Video of 2012? That’s up to you.

It’s Science against Prank in the Break’s Best of 2012 Finals!

The Most Scientific Video Of The Year: We Stopped Dreaming

[[contentId: 2308352| data-allowvote: true]]


The Prank of the Year: Hilarious Prank Played On Cops

[[contentId: 2306471| data-allowvote: true]]

This is a very important decision. Probably the most important vote of the year. We hope you take this seriously and just don’t flippantly vote “awesome” or “not awesome” on either video. Watch them once, twice, or ten times. Absorb the video’s essence and meaning, get it all up in you, and give it serious thought. Many lives are on the line. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Take this seriously.

We are counting on you.