Break’s Top Four Of The Year: Stunts Vs. Science

It’s the semi-finals and we have the top four videos for Break’s Best Video of the Year as voted by you!

Today, we have two videos that ultimately involve gravity. Both try to defy it, but in different ways. In one corner, a man who can jump, flip, keep jumping, and defy gravity physically. In the other corner, NASA and the use of science to defy gravity and jump start a nation’s imagination and dreams.

Who wins? It’s up to you. Vote awesome for the one you like best!

The Most Scientific Video Of The Year: We Stopped Dreaming

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Why It Should Win: It’s a call to action for all of us in America. NASA is an important and valuable part of our society and unfortunately, it’s underfunded and slowly getting worse. What is our future worth? Is it worth half a penny? And also, is Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson soothing to anyone else? How long could you listen to it? Days? Weeks? While we sleep and he is holding us so tight, reading bedtime stories? This video asks these very, very important questions.

Why It Shouldn’t Win: It’s a downer. Like a super, super downer. Also, half a penny adds up over time. Like, if we saved half a penny a day for a year, we’d have $1.82. And if we did that for a million years, we’d be millionaire. We don’t know about you, but in this economy, a million dollars sounds pretty good.


The Coolest Stunts You’ve Seen This Year – Insane Gravity Defying Skills

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Why It Should Win: Because holy crap, how is this guy able to do all these flips and stunts and jumps and just keep going? Honestly, it exhausts us just watching. It’s a mesmerizing watch and it has yet to get old.

Why It Shouldn’t Win: Because we’re out of shape and f**k this guy.

All right! Go vote!