Break’s Top Four Of The Year: Pranks Vs. WTF?

Now, for the final two videos in this semi-final round! The representitives from the WTF and Pranks categories won their rounds and are now here to battle each other out to see which one moves on to the finals, and this could be a tough battle.

On one hand, you have a dad who is very, very serious about how he wants his daughter to behave online. So serious that he destroys her laptop with his pistol.

On the other hand, you have some guys who aren’t serious at all and put themselves in situations where there is a good chance they could get arrested. But we’re happy they did because the results are hilarious.

So which video wins? You decide by voting “awesome” or “not awesome” below!

The Prank of the Year: Hilarious Prank Played On Cops

Why It Should Win: To call Roman Atwood’s pranks a form of art would be an understatement, and probably wrong anyway. But they are hilarious and well executed and Roman is a fantastic actor when it comes to defending himself emptying water bottles out onto streets for no real reason.

Why It Shouldn’t Win: The kids, Roman. Think about the kids. Next thing you know, all the kids will be acting like they are peeing EVERYWHERE. Shame on you…


WTFest WTFs Ever! – Father Teaches Daughter Lesson About Facebook

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Why It Should Win: This dad doesn’t take crap from anyone and he isn’t afraid to let everybody know. He wants to stop his daughter from doing stupid things online and the only way he can do that is by making a video of himself and putting it online for her to see. It’s poetic justice.

Why It Shouldn’t Win: Because he claims to know a lot about online media and social networks yet claims he had no idea the video would become such a big deal. Hey, guy. You shot your daughter’s computer with a pistol after ranting for seven minutes. How could you not see this coming?

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