Break’s Man Of The Year In Most Dangerous Situation Yet

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Break’s reigning Man Of The Year, The Horse, has been involved in a car crash. The man who has been intentionally flirting with disaster for our entertainment for years found himself face to face with it this past weekend. Driving around rural Pennsylvania, a deer dashed in front of his car. His first instinct to avoid the deer, he swerved and crashed his car into a tree. He received hospital care and was released to go home.

TMZ got exclusive pics of The Horse at the hospital.

We checked in with The Horse to see how he was doing:

First off, how are you feeling now?

Physically, feeling amazing. I wasn’t sore for some reason afterwards. I ran 10 miles the next day. I’m not a runner.

Have you been to the doctor? Are you OK, or did you have injuries?

Yeah. I was rushed to the hospital in a stretcher. X-Rays and Cat Scans on my neck and chest both came back negative.

You’ve done a lot of dangerous things before. Did this feel scarier than your stunts?

Yeah, I thought i was going to die. When you don’t plan to do something dangerous, it’s a different ball game.

Are you going to hunt that deer down for revenge (or dinner)?

No, I haven’t eaten meat in three months, and I’m feeling great because of it. I can’t say I was necessarily choosing to save the deer over myself. It happened too quick to think in the middle of a really sharp turn.. with no side of the road.

Did this make you want to change anything? Or is it still balls to the wall?

Well I don’t like feeling unbreakable, for sure. Freaks me out that i’m fine! I feel safe doing stunts, but I’ll need to pick up some health insurance for my normal life when I’m not annihilating my testicles.

Awesome, and I’m seriously glad you’re out of the hospital.

Love him or hate him, The Horse has sold us more videos than any other member of the Break audience. He has spent the better part of Break’s lifespan testing his own physical limits to try to entertain us. We’re happy he’s OK and look forward to more of his antics to come.

– Earnest (follow me on Twitter @earnestp)