Let’s Talk About Professional Wrestling 3.3.16

Welcome to “Let’s Talk About Professional Wrestling,” a place for you and I to talk about the week’s news and rumors in the glorified male soap opera that is wrestling.

Some of this week’s news stories

  • WWE FastLane is this Sunday. With WrestleMania just a few weeks away, it’ll be interesting to see what storylines develop out of the show. I’m personally very excited about Sami Zayn v Samoa Joe, Goldberg v Kevin Owens and surprisingly, Braun Strowman v Roman Reigns. What matches are you excited about?
  • The Hardy Family has officially left Impact Wrestling. If you stopped watching wrestling in the 1990s, The Hardy Boyz left WWE some time ago, revamped their characters in Impact wrestling and have once again become one of the hottest acts in the whole wrestling industry. I hope they make their way to NJPW or back to WWE in the near future, assuming those companies let Matt keep his BROKEN BRILLIANCE character intact.
  • With the addition of Akira Tozawa and the imminent debut of Austin Aries, 205 Live is looking good. I can’t wait to see what happens in the Jack Gallagher v Neville match on Sunday. How do you feel about the WWE Cruiserweight brand?
  • According to online news and rumors, WWE UK wrestler Pete Dunne is potentially going to debut on the main WWE roster after WrestleMania. How do you feel about him and the WWE’s treatment of their UK talent?
  • Impact Wrestling just went through some massive changes. Are they for the better? Are you excited about the “Post TNA” Impact era?

Here are the things I am the most and least excited about in the world of wrestling.

Most Excited About – The full House Hardy faction in modern day WWE.

Least Excited About – Randy Orton potentially winning the title from Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. Bray is killing it lately and a loss at Wrestlemania would surely slow his momentum.

What else are you excited about in the world of professional wrestling this week? Are there any local indie promotions in your area that I should know about? Do you find wrestling confusing and want to know why it’s so popular? Sound off in the comments!