Break Salutes: Soldier With A Double Arm Transplant

Here at Break, we love to look at the lighter side of military life. For us, the only thing better than a military fail would be a military prank. We also love military homecomings. There is something redemptive about them. When you spend so much time laughing at soldiers, it’s nice to almost–but not quite because we’re men–shed a tear with them. The last category of military videos we love are combat videos, those videos that show us thrilling, extraordinary moments from the battlefield. We can enjoy those videos as entertainment because there are soldiers out there living that reality, soldiers like Brendan Marrocco.

Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs due to a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2009. Whatever you feel or felt about that war, we can all agree that having your limbs ripped from your torso is one of the largest sacrifices you can make for your country, and it’s certainly not one the military advertises in its commercials. Brendan Marrocco did just that, though, and he survived. He was the first person ever to survive such an enormous injury.
Brendan lived, which was already an extraordinary achievement, and now he’s accomplished his next momentous feat. He just underwent a double arm transplant. He’s one of seven people in the world to have done this. That is amazing.
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We want to take a moment to salute Brendan. It’s easy to forget that the people who are in the military videos we watch are actual people, but they are. They are people like Brendan who lay everything on the line so that we can sit back in comfort and laugh or marvel at their exploits online. In the best case scenario, they come home and have to deal with everything they went through while fighting to protect us. In the worst cases, they never come home. So we’re taking a break from our regular programming to say “Thank you, Brendan,” and thank you to anyone else wearing a military uniform, serving abroad, making it safer for us at home.
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