Break Poll: Do You See A Lake Or A Wall In This Photo?!

With all the important issues happening in the world right now, we want to ask you to get out the VOTE and decide on one important topic. Put your blue/ gold /dress on and decide. In the photograph below do you see a LAKE or a WALL?

Where is this beautiful lake? I would like to book a nice cottage along its shores and dip my toes in the water. It’s a lake damn it! You can clearly see the shoreline of the mountains hitting the water. There is even a little path between the shrubs in the foreground down to the lake. However, some folks see a WALL.


Now it is time to take the Break Poll! Vote and then CLICK HERE for the answer!


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OK, turns out I was wrong, it’s a frickin’ wall! If you look to the left side of the image you can see the wall.

My brain hurts from this as I am questioning what else I see incorrectly on a daily basis.

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