Break Poll: Would You?! A Sexy Lady Predator? Comic-Con Edition

For today in our column “Would Ya?!” we celebrate Comic-Con week happening right now in San Diego with a cosplay favorite. The Predator!  This fine lady Pred’ has infrared vision, cloaking ability, can rip a man’s spine out and is endowed with a pair of heaving breasts.

For the purposes of this quandary, let us imagine that this lady Predator is not just some fun nerd girl in an elaborate costume, but is in fact an actual alien killing machine. Her face really looks like that!

Maybe she will put the mask back on. As “Dutch” AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger once said.  “You’re one ugly mother fucker!”

So would you, the human be able to put aside your fear of being hunted (and watching “Aliens Vs Predator 2”) and make love to a lady who has the ability to gouge your eyes out with her front teeth? This brings us to our Break Poll!


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