Break Has Questions For The Carnival Idiot

By now, you’ve seen the internet’s hottest video today: the carnival idiot who lost his life savings trying to win an Xbox Kinect.

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– Why did this man spend $2600 to try to win a $100 Kinect?

– Why does a 30ish-year-old man call $2600 a “life savings?”

– How much respect did his child lose for him?

– How do you go double-or-nothing in a carnival game? Was he going to win two Kinects? A Kinect and a banana? Was there money involved? Was he going to win a Kinect and all his money back?

– Why did the carnival employee willingly give $600 if it wasn’t a setup? Was this hush money or is the employee that dumb?

– Was he wearing a white tanktop because he’s trying to go hard or because he lost all his money and that’s all he can afford?

– Can bananas get high?

– Does this guy know he has a gambling problem?

– How bad is he at this game that he never won? It seems statistically impossible to lose that much over that much amount of time.

– Did the reporter really think asking “Are there scams with these games,” was going to give him any other answer than a no?

– Why did he have $2600 in cash just lying around his house?

– What kind of item was the $2600 in cash in?

– Are his parents dead so they don’t have to witness their son’s life? We hope so.

– Was he really wearing one of those cellphone belt clips?

– Why doesn’t he have any shame about wasting $2600 on a $100 item then willingly going on television to talk about it?

If you have any other questions or know the answers to these questions, let us know in the comments.

– Mark (twitter)