You Need To Check Out The New Break App For Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Hey, do you like Xbox 360?  Do you like XBox One?  Then sit down because we have terrible news about a car crash and your favorite actor. 

But first, good news!  Break has an app now available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. It’s the first comedy/humor app available on Xbox. Now you can maximize our awesome or stick it hard to commenters you don’t like in 1080p on your massive 21 inch screen!  Heck, maybe you even have a bigger TV!

[[contentId: 2757110| alt: screen shot| style: width:100%]]

“But Break,” you cry as we flex and make sandwiches. “I can already check you out on my dad’s old Commodore 64.  Why should I use the Break App on my Xbox?”

Oh my goodness!  You’re precious and we thank you for this moment between us.  Now listen close.  With the Break app, you’re literally a few finger flicks away from every single video on  Do you know how many videos we have?  Literally all the videos ever.  Plus 6! Also, it’s absolutely free!

[[contentId: 2757111| alt: Honest Trailers Screen Shot Break App Xbox| style: width:100%]]

You can catch all of Prank it Forward, the Screenjunkies Show, Honest Trailers, Man at Arms, and literally 1,001 videos of cats, Russian dashcams, parkour fails and people who really, really should have been wearing helmets.  Plus more!

[[contentId: 2757100| | style: width:100%]]

Download the app, or we will beat you with a shovel.

The Break app gives you access to special channels and series that the poor saps who tune into us on radio never get.  Pro tip: We’re not even on the radio!  If you dig Prank Bank, Odd Jobs and all the best pranks the internet has to offer (because we filter out the crappy ones to save you time) then you need the app.

Do you know who else on Xbox is going to give you an app to check out the funniest pranks, the best stunts, the most brutal fails and the most bad ass original content online?  No one, because no one else has an app.  That’s how much everyone else sucks. No apps.  Just craps. 

Download the break App on Xbox 360 or Xbox One and be part of the awesome.