Brazil’s Best Butt Contest Winner Causing Problems With Body Paint

Normally, just being in a best butt contest would be enough to anger certain groups of people in this touchy day and age where being offended is a friggin’ intramural sport. However, the winner of this year’s Miss BumBum contest managed to incur the wrath of her fellow Brazilians despite the fact that she’s got a can that’s good enough to win a “best bum” contest.

Do you guys see anything wrong with this picture?

Indianara Carvalho got one of those body paint jobs that makes naked people look like they are wearing clothing, therefore destroying the magic of being naked. Her choice of virtual wardrobe is upsetting some Catholics since it includes a picture of the Virgin Mary on her beautiful, naked body. She posted the photos to her Instagram page where she singlehandedly made Instagram relevant again.

Here is a picture of the virgin… even the Virgin Mary can’t keep a straight face saying that.

The photos prompted a wave of criticism from faithful followers including Claudia Alende, the woman who came in second at the BumBum contest. She called her an “attention seeking shit” who showed “a breathtaking lack of respect and judgment.” Please say this leads to a body paint catfight.

Seems tasteful, no?

The story doesn’t say if Carvalho is a devout Catholic but since we just got through Easter weekend, is it  safe to say that this is just her way of celebrating her faith? Either way this works for me.

Source: HuffPo