Inmates In Brazilian Prison Trained A Mouse To Smuggle Drugs

You may have heard of a “drug mule,” but there is a new trend in smuggling drugs: a “drug mouse.”

Officers in Barra da Grota Prison in the city of Araguaina located in northern Brazil, captured a mouse that was trained by prisoners to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, and other contraband. The guards confiscated over 50 packets of narcotics that were transported from one wing of the prison to another.

According to prison director Gean Carlos Gomes [LINK:], prisoners would tie packets of drugs to a cord attached to the mouse’s tail and when the animal reached its destination the prisoner took hold of it and took out the cord with the objects on it.

The mouse was captured when guards saw it scurrying through the prison doing his (or her) drug trafficking. Apparently the mouse is so tame that you could pet it. It’s kind of disgusting to pet a rodent, but adorable nonetheless.

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Gomes is currently reviewing all CCTV footage to see who is behind this great mouse cocaine caper. Either way, those are some resourceful and clever prisoners — not to mention a very smart mouse.