This Guy Catching A Baseball With His Face Is The Most Satisfying Gif Of The Day

Many fans attend baseball games hoping they get to catch a foul ball. Most even bring a glove just in case that moment happens. And for this Braves fan during Tuesday’s Braves vs. Nationals game, that magical moment came true when a foul ball was destined to sit atop his mantle as he tells his grand-kids the tale of when he caught said foul ball with only a baseball cap.

Unfortunately the ball ended up bashing him in the face on camera instead. There’s something satisfying about seeing this embarassing moment in slow motion. Good God, that’s gotta hurt.

I hope the guy is okay, but let’s be honest, that gif is priceless. I also like that the guy next to him seemed to predict what was going to happen based on his “no thanks” body language.

“With your hat?? Are you f*cking NUTS!”

If you’d like to see the moment in it’s entirety, check out the video below. And then of course return to the top of the page to watch that embarassing moment over and over again. Poor guy. It’s never like the movies.

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source: NYDailyNews