LEAKED: Bradley Cooper’s Indiana Jones Script (With Notes)!

Nerdist and a million other sites reported that Bradley Cooper was in talks to step into the scuffed boots of one of the most beloved movie characters of all-time.  Seems most people are up in arms over Harrison Ford’s replacement and undoubtedly so.

But just this morning, pages from the script had been leaked and they look to be from Cooper’s personal script with hand-written notes, judging by the Paramount stamp.  Not only does the dialogue and action look to have a totally fresh approach to the character, but also one of the more interesting plots in the Indiana Jones franchise. 

Here are the pages:

Some mis-steps here, but it is only a rough draft I think.

[[contentId: 2591723| alt: | style: height:685px; width:528px]]

A lot seems to happen from page 2 to page 4 here.  Also, I’d hate to see Cooper use a stuntman this much.

[[contentId: 2591724| alt: | style: height:684px; width:528px]]

That is a lot of stuntwork.  A lot. 

Since the news broke, outlets are reporting that Cooper will NOT be playing Indiana Jones and I can certainly see why!  He calls his romantic lead a slob for pete’s sakes.

Let me know what your opinion of Cooper as Indy is below in the comments!

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