Mayor Picked By Drawing A Card In Florida

Election image, your vote counts.

Elections have been happening all over our grand country. And the debates of late have been bringing the big boy election into our semi-conscious lives. Like a lot. But let’s focus on Florida, a state that always seems to have some sort of election controversy — and this week did not disappoint. In Bradenton Beach, Florida, the mayorial candidates were deadlocked with a 195 to 195 vote and can you believe what they did? They decided who would be mayor by drawing from a deck of cards! Seriously. High card wins this thing…

tiebreaker image

A recount obviously happened, but still, at the end of the day, incumbent Mayor Jack Clarke and his challenger Bill Shearon had 195 votes each out of the possible 758.

And again, they went to a deck of cards to decide the winner, since they couldn’t get all the registered voters out to do the deed in the first place.

Side note: the population of Bradenton Beach is 1,482. Which means there’s lots of kids, unregistered voters, and/or meth heads there.

homer simpson saying Doh!

Due to Florida’s awesome election laws, if this ever occurred, the winner would be decided by “lot”. The committee decided to have the lot be by the highest drawn card. Voters should be proud of their town, that their votes were heard, and generally be proud of their crazy drunken fore fathers.

“Maybe a duel in the street would be better,” said one resident. Or it could’ve been something like this:

Before that happens, remember that each candidate had 195 votes each.

“They could have literally flipped a coin, they could have drawn straws… I suppose they could have played that paper, rock and hammer, whatever that is, scissors and hammer…” said Mike Bennett, the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections.

Paper, rock and hammer is an awesome game… If anyone knew what the hell he was talking about.

Weird rock paper scissors from the big bang theory.

He went on to say: “The state of Florida and the charter for Bradenton Beach specifies that in case of an absolute tie, this tie will be settled by drawing for lots, but they don’t define what ‘lots’ are.”

The group decided between rolling dice, drawing stones (whatever that is) and even rock-paper, scissors… or hammer-scissors – which I am still so intrigued by.

Walgreens or Nationals logo?

But eventually, the decision fell on a $4 deck of cards from Walgreens.

I suspect that Walgreens spent a fortune on this “long con” publicity for their new playing card campaign. And it was well played, Walgreens. Well played. Can’t wait for the movie.

Source: NBC News