Lunatic Ex-Boyfriend Tried To Frame Girl As A Racist To Get Her Fired

If this isn’t a new low for getting back at your ex, I’m not sure what is.

There’s a tumblr page dedicated to pointing out the remaining racists in America, where people screencap images from facebook status’, etc. and essentially call out (sometimes literally call) said racists to an almost angry mob degree. Unfortunately for one ex-girlfriend of a crazy person, she almost got fired for something she never said.

Enter Fox Mallo (or Mallo Fox?) depending on how you read his now deleted facebook page link. He decided to get back at his ex-lady by literally changing his own facebook page into what resembles his ex-girlfriend’s, posting extremely racist commentary on Ferguson, and then screen capping the posts so he could publish them onto the Racists Getting Fired tumblr page as if to call her out. He then added where she worked (a popular movie theater chain), the address, phone number to her workplace, and of course her name.

The post received so much anger, they used the phone number to call her managers at work, demanding she be fired due to her disgusting amount of racism on her social networking site. No one knew it was her ex-boyfriend until finally someone was able to track down the poster’s facebook page and realized they had recently changed the profile picture and cover photo back to the originals after screen-grabbing the images they needed for tumblr.

The outrage over the woman’s “comments” got so out of hand moving past the simple tumblr page and onto other sites, the girl’s workplace had to respond to a commentor on Twitter after the truth was finally revealed that she never made the racist remarks in the first place.

It’s unfortunately unclear as to why her ex-boyfriend was angered to such a degree. But more importantly, never underestimate the power of crazy. Never.

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source: Gawker