Man Presses Charges After Girlfriend Lets Their Cat Eat His Bacon

The world loves bacon and they will stop at nothing to remind us about their undying love for the strips of breakfast food. It’s on T shirts, mugs, dipped in chocolate, comes in candle form –  we get it. You love bacon. But a man in West Yorkshire in England took his infatuation with bacon to a new level when he called the police to report that his girlfriend let their cat eat his bacon.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the unnamed man wanted to press charges against his girlfriend AND the cat that ate his bacon. I am not only embarrassed for him, but I feel a bit of shame typing that sentence.

The emergency dispatcher said, “Sir, it’s not an offense to let your cat eat your bacon. And we don’t arrest cats.” To which he responded, “No, but my girlfriend allowed the cat to do it.”

The dispatcher said that this offense didn’t qualify as an emergency because — well — it just doesn’t. We have officially reached the boiling point of bacon love.