Boyfriend Tried Asking For Anal Through A Subliminal Message In His Love Note

If there’s going to be any somewhat welcomed time to bring up trying anal with your loved one, Valentine’s Day would definitely be it. Sure, you could mention it on your birthday, but then it’s more of a gift. Valentine’s Day however is more about your love of the other person. Not what YOU want, per se. And that’s probably what this guy was thinking when he wrote his special lady a note telling her how special she is. Only instead of having the courage to ask for anal sex, he simply made it a subliminal message within the endearing note.

Yeah yeah yeah, you’re special and lovely, sure sure. But can you see the real message hidden beneath this mooshy love crap? It’s well hidden, but it is there.

I suppose talking about how sleek and pretty a pen is is actually pretty random, so yeah, there was definitely something else at play here. But it’s even better that the boyfriend gave his lady the cheat sheet to see the real message as well. Points. Nothing like softening the blow of a question like that with a fun puzzle, eh?

After posting the note on reddit, there’s no answer as to whether or not the boyfriend received his box of chocolates, but let’s hope she didn’t at least slap him, especially after the note started going viral.

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source: Reddit