Lockheed Martin Engineer Proves He Spoke With Aliens Because He Has The Photos

We’ve always wondered if we’re alone in the universe or a highly intelligent race from some distant corner of the galaxy have been coming to Earth to share their wisdom with us by probing our buttholes.

A former engineer with Lockheed Martin, the massive aerospace and defense company that works with NASA, claimed he knew the answer to that question. Boyd Bushman said in an interview that he not only knew about the existence of aliens but he actually spoke to them on several occasions and presented several documents and photographs to back up his claims. In fact the photo in the header looks as though his arm is underneath the alien head, as if to hold it up?

Bushman gave an interview just before his death last August at the age of 78 and fellow engineer Mark Q. Patterson posted it today to his YouTube account. Check it out below.

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Bushman unleashed all sorts of astounding claims about the alien conspiracy. He not only claimed that aliens exist but he said they are working with top secret facilities within the United States. He also said he has photos of the aliens’ home planet of “Quintumnia” that they took especially for him following their 45-year trip to Earth.

Unfortunately, he’s since passed away so there’s no way to confirm this information with him. Something tells us that if it was true, he’d be dead either way.

What do you think? Does Bushman have some legitimacy to his statements or is there something else at play here?

By Danny Gallagher

source: NY Daily News