Backstreet Boys and *NSync Are Making a Zombie Movie

Proof that not everything that comes out of San Diego Comic Con is awesome, word has it that former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is working with one-time bandmate AJ carter and *NSync member Joey Fatone are set to make a zombie Western together.  Because all those previous zombie Westerns have done so well.  What’s that, haven’t seen a zombie Western?  Well try this Chris Kattan classic Undead or Alive;

or maybe you’d prefer the Wesley Snipes opus Gallow Walkers

[[contentId: 2873123| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

Or the greatest zombie western of all, The Dead and the Damned!

[[contentId: 2873124| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

The boy band movie is going to be called Dead 7 and so far Nick Carter has even asked a member of One Direction if he’d like to star in the film alongside him, thus creating a vortex of teen girl confusion by proposing something that all teen girls would both want to see and never want to see all in the same movie since there probably isn’t a single teen girl on Earth just waiting to watch a zombie Western movie.

Who would make such a film?  The Asylum, of course, the same company that brought Sharknado to the world.  There’s no idea too preposterous for them and no cast too unbelievable or washed up, bless their hearts.