The Door On Bono’s Private Plane Fell Off Mid-Flight

As we all know, Bono is more than just a world class musician. He’s also a world traveler, a healer and a savior but unlike Superman, he can’t use his magical superpowers to fly around the world. He needs a private jet and he had quite a scare during a flight on the way to Germany. The plane’s door fell off while it was still in the air.

Image of identical plane. Just to make us all more jealous of his wealth.

Bono’s Learjet left Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday headed towards Berlin, Germany where Bono’s band was scheduled to perform at the Bambi Awards and meet with a government representative to discuss what he could do about the Ebola virus. We say that “discuss” because we assume the German representative was as clueless as us as to what a rock musician could do to stem the tide of Ebola besides rocking it to death with his overrated music.

During the flight, a back door on the jet for the luggage compartment fell off while the plane was in the sky. The loss of the door didn’t present an immediate emergency but pretty much anything falling off of a plane in mid-flight would probably cause you to experience an emergency evacuation in your pants. We believe it’s because the door couldn’t take listening to the new U2 album once more.

Actually, no one even noticed that the door had been missing, nor the two pieces of luggage that went along with it. Luckily the door didn’t kill anyone after falling to earth. No word if the door or personal items fell to ground or water, but we hope their next album was a part of the contents. Bono, we kid.

by Danny Gallagher

source: ABC News