AC/DC’s Bon Scott Got A Statue But It Looks More Like A Tribute To His Huge Junk

The original voice of AC/DC Bon Scott passed away in 1980 and he has finally been immortalized with a statue in his home country of Scotland. It took only 35 years, despite some great memorial areas, but he finally received something that should have been given to AC/DC fans long ago.

The only real issue however is it seems like more of a tribute to his massive junk than his rock persona. Sure, the likeness is there, depicting Scott rocking out with a microphone in his hand but it’s the mid-region of Scott’s statue that seems to be getting the *bulk of attention. Especially since it’s at face level.

Someone get that man some relief!

The statue was funded by fans through Crowdfunder but the design was actually much different early on, as reported by The Guardian in September. Originally Scott was holding a bagpipe with his other hand pointing into the air but I guess that notion was totally scrapped. But that wasn’t the only big change made. In the previous statue’s design, Scott had a much smaller junk load. Maybe they swapped out the clay used for the bagpipe and slammed it onto Scott’s crotch.

In the end, I guess you could say John McKenna, the statue’s designer, wasn’t wrong in making the last minute alteration. Here’s an image of Scott from the 70’s carrying his own microphone case.

For a man with huge junk, he sure does look cranky.

If you’d like to see the statue up close, you’ll have to head to Scotland to check it out. If you’d like to just get a look at the statue’s junk, just open a window. It’s pretty visible from any country.


*pun intended