Check Out What Bob Ross Looked Like Before The Legendary Fro

Has there ever been a more famous fro than the one atop Bob Ross’ head? With his show The Joy of Painting running from 1983 through 1994 mainly on PBS, Ross not only showed us how to paint happy trees but also the fact that you can be white and have a groovy fro too. The fro became a main part of Ross’ persona aside from his actual talents, but what did he look like before the fro came around? Well look no further. Images were uploaded to Reddit yesterday answering this very burning question. Unfortunately, I had $50 on him having been born with hair like that.

Here’s an early image from the ’70’s with some missing shirt buttons.

[[contentId: 2806785| alt: | style: height:628px; width:509px]]

If that image isn’t impressive, here’s an even earlier Ross look from his military days, sans beard. Amazing.

[[contentId: 2806786| alt: | style: height:544px; width:511px]]

After being in the Air Force for over 20 years, Ross realized he could make more money selling his paintings and left his position. But how did the fro even come about? Legend has it Ross needed to save money before the show finally took off and getting your hair permed was the cheapest option aside from not getting it cut at all. When you’re trying to be an on-air personality, long greasy hair isn’t really a way to go so he began to have it permed and the Ross we know today was born.

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source: Reddit