Bob Barker Will Return To ‘The Price Is Right’ And We’re Not Joking

Bob Barker, the original host of The Price Is Right is going to return to the game show’s stage, get this, on April 1st. Sure, it’s supposed to be a joke for viewers of the program now that Drew Carey has since taken over after 91-year-old Barker’s departure in 2007, but you’re getting the scoop now so you can fully enjoy his appearance for what it’s worth when it airs tomorrow.

US Weekly snagged some shots of Barker prepping and filming his co-hosting duties with Drew Carey and posted them online today. Here are some sweet shots that are like a regular Showcase Showdown of nostalgia.

Looks like the episode was shot today over at their CBS soundstage, but there are unfortunately no details as to the extent Barker’s appearance will be or if he’ll even be hosting at all. If anything, he better be holding his old microphone for posterity’s sake. What a lousy joke it would be to see him on stage and then toss him out after five minutes, so let’s just hope for the best. Afterall, he was the man that made being home sick from school that much better. Thanks for that, Bob.

The Price is Right airs at 11AM PST tomorrow, but check your local listings so you don’t miss it.

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source: US Weekly