Female NYPD Cops Taking Sexy Selfies In Uniform Is The Latest Bizarre Trend

This trend of NYPD female officers taking sexy selfies in uniform is something out of a Police Academy movie (or reboot if you want to be particular about technology now vs. in the 80’s). And of course there’s an Instragram account posting images of not only the selfie-driven uniformed cops, but also images of them out of uniform as well, usually making a duck face.

Under the Instagram handle of Blueline_Beauties, it seems someone has been hard at work collecting these images from the officers personal social media sites and posting them for all to enjoy. Or at least friends of the officers have been sending them in.

Regardless, the biggest issue the NYPD has isn’t so much the “sexy cop” look most are giving in their photos as much as it’s about officers posting images of themselves in uniform at all outside of an official cermony, or other more professional circumstances.

Unfortunately for you, the Instagram account has since been deleted, but not without someone taking the best of the best from the site for the rest of us to look over. In the name of research of course.

Here are a few of the more interesting images posted to Blueline_Beauties.

Any officer found with a selfie taken in uniform on the Instagram account, or any other account for that matter is looking at some pretty strict disciplinary action. And for good reason. The NYPD is finding that officers posting images of themselves in uniform may be endangering themselves, especially in terms of when they’re off duty but recognizable because of these pics. It’s unclear if Blueline_Beauties had posted the names of these officers, but their badges (and names) are sometimes in view. And if you spot a cop that, let’s say that gave you a hard time, you might be able to track down the officer and other information about them. Plus, it just looks bad, right?

As we’ve all seen lately, if you’re in any official position, anything you say or do on your social media pages is just asking to be reviewed by your superiors. And that includes you, police officers. Especially you.

Oh, and if you were wondering, there is also a male version of this Instagram account called Blueline_Beefcakes that the NYPD is also investigating as well.

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source: Daily News