Outrage: Bloomingdale’s Prints Ad Suggesting To Spike A Woman’s Eggnog

Today in Outrage we go to Bloomingdale’s; the classy department store where you can probably get a pretty sweet pant suit for that upcoming office holiday party. However you might want to check your complimentary drink or the only thing getting passed out might not just be the eggnog.

A recent print advertisement issued by the company features a slick man creeping on a woman looking the other way with the caption “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.”

After an image of the print ad was shared online it has caused considerable outrage with people pointing out the obvious rapey undertones. Even Bill Cosby be like;

Others on Twitter shared their disbelief that this ad made it to print;

Eventually Bloomingdales Tweeted an apology;

It is not even Thanksgiving yet, but the holiday season is off to an angry start. First there was outrage over Starbuck’s Christmas themed coffee cups that weren’t Christmas enough. Then Target was… the target of outrage over a holiday shirt that said “OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder”  for being insensitive to people suffering from OCD.

Now I know what you’re thinking; people angry over the Starbucks and Target holiday meltdowns should just STFU, who cares? Aside from the justified or unjustified outrage, I am always amazed how these things still happen at all with everyone so quick to get offended these days. The Bloomingdale’s thing however, was an advertisement. Anyone who has worked in any form of advertising can tell you that that print advertisement with that one sentence of fail probably had to go through at least 40 people before it made it into a magazine to promote their store. Every word and pixel of space gets combed over and revised dozens of times by teams of red coffee cup drinking sales and ad executives to give the go ahead for that “brand messaging” to end up in the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine with – even if you don’t care- what most people would take as a little bit too rapey. Like is Cosby writing the ad copy over there? Damn.

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Source: Mashable