Finally, Grilled Cheese Fries Are a Thing

Everyone who isn’t a vegan or a person who just hates fun loves french fries and grilled cheese sandwiches. They are the perfect combination for carb lovers and people who just need five minutes to not worry about their health. They would probably taste great together but putting a bunch of fries on a grilled cheese sandwich would ruin its gooey integrity and make your fellow restaurant patrons wonder if you’re training for some kind of eating challenge. A food blogger has finally come up with a way to combine both of them into one meal. 

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Don’t these look like grilled cheese sandwiches rolled into turd shape?

The “Oh Bite It” blog creates unusual food concoctions out of delicious ingredients and they’ve outdone themselves with their “Grilled Cheese Fries.” The chef took some crescent rolls dough and shaped them into some fat, juicy french fries that could hold a generous portion of Velveeta cheese. Then they dipped them into a hot vat of canola oil and created something that we once thought was only possible in our deepest, carb induced dreams. 


They may not technically have potatoes in them but they still have the same crunchy goodness of a fry and they are oozing with delicious, melted dairy product. You might want to look down and make sure that you haven’t shorted out your keyboard or your laptop with all the drooling that you’ve been doing while you’ve been reading this.