13 Photos Of Snowmageddon’s Shocking Wrath (PHOTOS)

Experts are saying blizzard “Juno” is one of the worst (if not the worst) snowstorms the country has ever seen. Most believe New York is the only state affected by the storm’s terror, but much of the country has been affected as well with Governors from Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and more issuing states of emergency. Here are 13 other places besides New York who are also in distress due to blizzard “Juno”.

Seattle’s experiencing record-breaking weather today.

Oregon restaurant patrons opted for the warmer dishes this evening on the patio.

South Dakota held a parade today despite the state of emergency.

Some women had to wear shorts to the beach in California.

A New Mexico restaurant owner saw very little business despite having bought “new chairs”.

This Arizona family kept their walk short just in case.

An Arkansas boy kept his shirt on during his water park visit.

Iowa found the storm to be both “humid” and “pleasant”.

This Michigan bicycling team forfeited their race due to cloud coverage.

This is the bicycling team that won the race by default.

An Alabama man played it safe by doing just one back flip into the pool.

A park in Hawaii held little shelter for its visitors.

Farmers in Missouri believe their crops will be “okay we think.”

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