Is This Student’s “Demon” Costume Racist? College Says Yes, Forces Him To Leave

On Halloween night, you’re free to dress up however you’d like and roam the streets wherever you’d like. Unfortunately if you’re attending an event at a college, well that college might have some say in whether or not they want you to join in on the fun because of what you chose to wear. One student learned this fact the hard way because what he chose to wear on the spookiest of nights might be construed as a little racist…even though he says he was just dressing up as a “demon”.

C’mon man, the Juggalo Joker costumes were all sold out!

Listen, f you’re gonna be all black, at least wear black gloves. Rookie.

Ryan Lytwyn was about to head into Edinburgh University’s Halloween party when he was stopped by security. Security told him that he had to remove his black face paint before he came in. Why? Security said his costume “might be construed” as racist because of his, well, blackface. Whether he was truly just trying to go for a demon design (we would normally assume red for such a costume), he did opt for the generic “blackface” whether he realized it or not. He even put white around his eyes, so there’s really just so many bad decisions going on here.

Lytwyn complained that the staff was being ridiculous, pointing out that his facepaint also had a little red in it, but the staff stuck with their decision.

Maybe he would’ve had better luck carrying a picture around of the weird demon girl from Lights Out, explaining he was just trying to be THIS chick.

Can I pleeeeease come in now?

Lytwyn later talked to the press about what happened.

“I told the SU staff it was ridiculous. I was obviously dressed up for Halloween as a demon – I had black, white and red face paint on – but they said I wouldn’t be allowed in as it ‘could be construed’ as black face. Someone in the queue offered me tissues so I wiped it off and then they let me in. I also pointed out that no one had complained, that I wasn’t impersonating a black person, and that other people were wearing black paint too. I was told the manager wasn’t interested.”

What do you think? Should this guy have been let into his college’s Halloween party?

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