$2 Photo Found At Junk Shop Is Actually Worth $5,000,000

A lot of people find shopping around thrift stores and other junk shops to be disgusting. But every now and again you find a cheap treasure that is worth more than you could’ve ever imagined. It pays to be thrifty, especially when you accidentally come across an old photo depicting Billy the Kid during a game of croquet.

The photo which was bought for only $2 is looking to fetch $5,000,000 if not more in an upcoming auction. But it’s not just a photograph of Billy the Kid that makes it worth so much money. It is apparently now the second existing photo found of Billy the Kid, with the first (and at the time only photograph) having been sold for 2.3 million in 2010. That selling price is what the auction house is basing their final bid predictions on. And also what the owner of this photograph is basing their new friggin’ mansion on.

Billy the Kid on the left. Guy on the right knows who’s boss.

The photo, originally bought from a junk shop in 2010 in Fresno, California was studied by experts to guarantee it’s authenticity. They came to the conclusion that the photo had depicted Billy the Kid with his Lincoln County Regulators gang in the summer of 1878. That’s a lot of detail from just a random old photograph. If you were to ask me, I’d say it looked like a sad group of people ready for their dirt sandwich picnic.

So the next time someone invites you to head to the local junk shop, just say yes and worry about where you’ll get to wash your hands later.