Italian Billionaire Thinks Model Wife Is Dead: Sees Her On Instagram With Man

An Italian billionaire named Gianluca Cervara really had it all. In December of 2015 the wealthy businessman had married a gorgeous model, the former Miss Ukraine Anna Zaiachkivska.  What is the Italian word for “wowza?”

However this past July, just a few months after the pair married his wife vanished. The devastated newlywed called authorities to report her missing, fearing she had been kidnapped or possibly even murdered.

At the time of her disappearance Anna told her new husband that she was just going outside “for some fresh air” when she never returned. Well, it turns out that it was quite a LONG walk for some fresh air. Cervara recently found his bride on Instagram and other social media posts in New York City… with another man using the hashtag #freedom.

The couple in happier times.

I always thought rich guys were supposed to be able to hold on to their women? You have a billion dollars in the bank and YOU are the one who is supposed to be gallivanting around town, right? I mean the guy isn’t even half bad looking. I was expecting some jowly old rich dude with liver spots she was climbing on top of for the cash and diamonds. Well feel better fellas, because it turns out that even billionaires get ditched!

Women hate charming Italian billionaires.

Unfortunately for the former Miss Ukraine, it is true what they say. Freedom isn’t free. The billionaire is now suing his runaway wife for breaking their pre-nuptial agreement, stealing $6,600 and a phone. Sure, he IS a billionaire, but I guess he waited in line all day for that iPhone.

She would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those damn kids with their social media. And by damn kids, I mean her. If you are on the run from your billionaire husband why would you post pics? Anna says she ran away because Cervara become inattentive and abusive toward her. However the billionaire denies this saying she is not the person she is pretending to be, telling reporters;

“She has lots of pretty photos taken in five-star hotels; she is posing with other men. She does not look unhappy at all.”