Bill Nye Walked In On Girls Twerking In An Elevator And Responded Like A Pro

Bill Nye may know a lot about science and current lab coat fashion trends, but what does he know about the youth of today, huh? That’s right Bill – I’m calling you out. You and your fancy show might know everything when it comes to gender studies, but what do you know about twerking and being a molly-poppin’ idiot while simultaneously being broke as fuck yet somehow still eating avocado toast every morning? Your science won’t save you now.

But it appears the ol’ Nye Guy is more hip than anyone would’ve ever assumed, as 22-year-old Savanah Prosch caught Bill walking into her elevator at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas while she was snapchatting, aka twerking around with her friends while in various stages of undress.

Speaking to someecards, Prosch appeared to find the encounter less-thrilling than the rest of the Internet:

“[Nye] shook our hands asked if we walked to take a picture, and that if so could we do it in the elevator,” she told us over Twitter DM. “My roommates said he would save the world. They wish he was president. He said thank, you shook our hands, and it was his stop.”

Mature, right? Well in true Bill fashion he managed to up the ante by not only alluding to the encounter online, but re-creating it in his own way:


Every good space conference starts with the elevator ride down. #IAC2017

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Slightly classier, not as much fun, but everyone has their clothes on so it’s a win for all the prudes out there.

As you’d expect, Twitter went apeshit:

But who wouldn’t? It’s BILL NYE walking into an elevator of twerking chicks. If anyone’s a secret poon-slayer, it’s gotta be the Science Guy.