A Golf Course Employee Recently Mistook Bill Murray For A Homeless Man (PHOTO)

Bill Murray is no stranger to odd circumstances, but he’s usually the one to initiate them. In this case, a female representative for a golf course was asked to remove a wandering homeless man from their grounds while other paying participants played through. However after heading down to the green, the woman didn’t realize she was approaching the iconic actor who was there to simply play a few rounds himself. So instead of asking for the gentlemen to leave (obviously), she got this picture instead of what looks like a pretty annoyed Bill Murray minding his own business in the background.

Uploaded to Reddit yesterday, some are even questioning the occurance in general, even though when Murray’s off set has a usually disheveled look. But more importantly, this wouldn’t have been the first time a celebrity was mistaken as a homeless person to the people around them.

Ian MacKellan was mistaken as a homeless person during a break from his “Waiting for Godot” stage performance in Melbourne, Austrailia in 2010. The paparazzi had even captured photos of McKellan taking donations from strangers as he sat on a bench outside of the Comedy Theatre.

Whether its Bill Murray crashing karaoke, a soccer game or someone’s engagement photo, the man can do whatever he wants because of one simple fact.

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source: Reddit