Bill Murray Will Be In The Ghostbusters Reboot, But It’s A Real Slap In The Face

The Ghostbusters franchise is practically a religion for some fans with Bill Murray being the high and mighty in that religion. And it’s been years upon years fans have been wanting to see Murray who is still sharp as ever to portray scientist Peter Venkman, his most iconic role, once again on the silver screen. It looked like we would never see Murray in another Ghostbusters film until news broke this weekend confirming Murray would indeed be in the new Ghostbusters movie! Cool!

Unfortunately he’s not playing Peter Venkman but instead a small character called Martin Heis because the filmmakers of the Ghostbusters reboot would love nothing more than to crap down your throat and call it dessert.

Murray has turned down the notion of appearing in a Ghostbusters sequel but was the first to suggest having an all new team of ladies take over the franchise, which led to this reboot entirely. News hit that Dan Aykroyd was cast in the reboot playing a minor character (not Ray Stantz) and now paparazzi has spotted Murray in Boston where the film is in production followed by a confirmation that he is indeed in the movie.

Bill Murray arrives in Boston to portray the wrong character in the Ghostbusters reboot.

As a fan of Ghostbusters, I honestly didn’t mind the idea of a brand new Ghostbusters with females in the lead. I think if you’re going to do a reboot, may as well go the other way with it because the males (not just characters, but the actual actors) from the original films can’t be topped. But now, since Aykroyd and Murray are actually going to be in the film and not as their original iconic roles, well that’s just really stupid. That’s like going to your favorite restaurant and eating out of the dumpster. Why not have just made the film a pseudo-sequel with a new team of Ghostbusters helping take down ghosts in a different part of the country, like, say, BOSTON. I didn’t mind Aykroyd portraying a random character because he’s the father of Ghostbusters and created the entire idea of it, so really he can play whomever he wants. Murray though? He’s Peter Venkman and will always be Peter Venkman.

Ernie Hudson, I hope they call you too for posteritys sake. I really do.