Bill Murray Ruled The First Day Of Comic-Con With His First Ever Appearance

When Bill Murray appears at Comic-Con, the world will know it. Today marked Murray’s first ever appearance at San Diego’s pop culture celebration and it was about as legendary as you’d expect. There to promote his new film Rock the Kasbah, Bill not only did most of his panel in character from the movie in which he plays a dead beat rock band manager, but he entered Hall H like a true legend. Normally panel members walk on stage and sit down, but Murray entered the room amongst the fans, as if he were a WWF legend before reaching the stage.

Like a boss indeed!

After hitting the stage in front of a packed Hall H, he delighted the crowd with his rendition of Smoke on the Water, which is the song he walked out to (more like strutted). He talked about his film for a while, but then also tipped fans off to what everyone should eat for breakfast when attending Comic-Con; “We started this morning with bagels and then some tequila.”

He also revealed that he’s getting physically fit to be cast as the young Han Solo (if only this were true and not just a joke) and that he’s a big fan of Miley Cyrus. He said he was floored by her performance at SNL’s 40th anniversary and said he never wants to hear “anymore bad rap” about the performer because she’s a true professional. Fair enough! If there’s one man we take at his word, it’s Murray.

Afterward, fans who spotted Murray roaming around the convention center had the pleasure of meeting him and saying hello, which is rare to see. Most of the Hall H panel members disappear but Bill Murray is a man of the people. This Comic-Con attendee got his picture with Murray and a quick conversation that only Murray could give.

It’s official. Bill Murray is the coolest man on the planet. God knows the convention center has seen it’s fair share of Peter Venkman toys, cosplay and comics so it was a real treat to have the man there in the flesh for once, and hopefully not the last.