Video Surfaces Of Cosby Talking About Slipping Spanish Fly In Women’s Drinks

Now that no one on earth is unaware that Bill Cosby may or may not have drugged numerous women during his life, people are able to judge for themselves whether or not he actually (or possibly) committed these crimes. Many have debated this topic, almost putting the alleged victims on trial instead of Cosby, but now it’s Cosby who has to answer to the public for not what he did but what has actually said.

Unearthed recently by Dr. Drew’s On Call show featuring Bill Cosby in a 1991 interview on Larry King Live where he talks about how great Spanish Fly really was for a young man looking to get laid. Today, Judd Apatow, a huge advocate toward the alleged victims of Cosby’s alleged crimes tweeted out the video for good measure just to make sure it didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks to Cory Spence for the heads up on this.

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Spanish Fly isn’t something that would necessarily make a woman unconscious. It’s a drug that would only arouse her libido, but the point of the video is that clearly Cosby was not only saavy to drugs of this nature, but also very interested in them as well. Not to mention they’re idea is to give this drug to women without their consent. In short, here is a 52-year-old man taking delight in the idea of a sex drug.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time Cosby had mentioned being a fan Spanish Fly. Here he is in 1969 discussing how he heard of Spanish Fly and how much he and his friends wished they could get their hands on it. Especially when seeing a group of women.

Personally I don’t recall George Carlin, Richard Pryor or even Jerry Seinfeld talking about how lovely of an idea it is to drug a woman into wanting to have sex with you, so I wonder why Cosby found it so amusing. Maybe because it wasn’t just a joke to him?

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source: Judd Apatow