Artist’s Bill Cosby Portrait Made With Rapeseeds Pulled From State Fair

Freedom of speech is a big issue, but the people behind the Minnesota State Fair said it’d be best if they removed Nick Rindo’s portrait of Bill Cosby from the fair’s art exhibition. Not because it wasn’t good or the fact that it was at all a portrait of Bill Cosby, but because Rindo used Rapeseed to create the portrait.

Fair attendees began to complain about the portait and frankly we can’t blame them. You don’t go to a state fair looking for any serious commentary about Bill Cosby or his rape accusers with a wink to Minnesota’s farming community. The piece was made for the fair’s art show with a “crop art”, using seeds and different crops as the artist’s medium. Rapeseed is a form of Canola, but “Conola Cosby” would have made people miss the point.

Unfortunately no one really appreciated Rindo’s efforts, removing the work from the Agriculture Horticulture Building where all of the art was shown.

“I imagine it’s in a corner of shame somewhere” Rindo said of his piece no longer on display.

I guess Mr. Rindo will have to save his commentary for the more high end art galleries. Or ebay. Probably ebay.