Court Documents Reveal Bill Cosby Admitted To Giving Women Quaaludes For Sex

Welp, it’s all over. For any doubters out there, it turns out Bill Cosby is indeed a real f*cking dirtbag and it didn’t take any CSI type drug or blood tests to prove it. The man admitted it himself.

2005 court documents, which have just been obtained by the Associated Press, reveal that Cosby himself had admitted to obtaining seven (yes, seven) different types of quaalude medications in the 1970’s and also admitted that he got them in order to have sex with women. Some of the women who testified to defend Andrea Constand admitted to accepting the qualuudes from Cosby, but it seems a lot of them didn’t realize that it was more of a sex drug for Cosby instead of a party drug in general.

Here’s an excerpt from the 2005 court documents of Andrea Constand V. William H. Cosby.

“When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” lawyer Dolores M. Troiani asked.

“Yes,” Cosby answered on Sept. 29, 2005.

When a lawyer for one of the women asked Cosby if he had kept any of the drugs throughout the years in order to give them to women after quaaludes were officially banned, Cosby’s lawer objected every question so that conclusion was never resolved. His laywers also objected when the prosecutor’s asked if Cosby had given the quaaludes to anyone without their consent.

Cosby’s lawyers had settled this particular lawsuit in 2006, but now we know the truth of what happened thanks to Cosby’s actual testimony.