This Bible Museum Uses Old Celebrity Wax Figures And It’s Creepy

Welcome to Biblewalk, ladies and gentleman! Come, walk with the characters from your favorite stories in the Bible. But beware, these characters coincidentally look eerily familiar to evil Hollywood celebrities like John Travolta, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Tom Cruise. Well, in fact, it’s not a coincidence at all. Actually, these wax figures look like these celebrities because they were supposed to be these celebrities. A Josephine Tussaud’s museum in Arkansas sold the figures to the Biblewalk Church in Ohio for their tour through Bible times portion of the church. Apparently these figures are so rough, even JOSEPHINE Tussaud’s didn’t want them. You know it’s bad when the second tier of the Tussaud clan doesn’t want you.

Behold, Jesus! Actually it’s just Tom Cruise. Apparently his pose was for Top Gun before Josephine cast him out.

Behold, King Solomon! Mmmm, actually it’s just John Travolta.

Behold, the villagers of Bethlahem! One of which is Steve McQueen on the far right.

An employee of Biblewalk said every now and again a patron recognizes the figures as their real counterparts but assures that it doesn’t at all take away from the experience. Right, not at all. When hearing how Christ walked on water, nothing like staring at Tom Cruise’s grin in wax form at the same time. I’m just surprised they would have Travolta and Cruise, even though they’re fake figures, a part of a Christian establishment. Especially making Cruise Jesus Christ. I mean, anyone could have been Jesus. Throw a beard and wig on your Fran Drescher figure and you got Jesus.

Wanna check out the museum for yourself? Head to Biblewalk’s website HERE. They have free parking!