Beyoncé Gets Her Hair Caught In Fan While Performing

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Beyoncé got her hair caught in a fan while performing in Montreal, yesterday, and her stagecrew scrambled up to her side faster than a Kelly Rowland solo album disappears from the face of the Earth. A consummate pro, Beyoncé continued to sing while getting disentangled from the fan.

This isn’t even Beyoncé’s first tangle with a fan, this summer. It was just a few weeks ago that a fan got caught smacking dat butt during a Beyoncé show. Again, Beyoncé handled it, barely skipping a beat as she talked to him like she was threatening to send a kid to his room without dinner.

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Honestly, it seems like Beyoncé must be a walking catastrophe because every tour she seems to have these moments. Remember when she accidentally flashed the audience at one of her shows? (This was shot on a potato, so all you’re going to see are some hot pixels)

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And let’s not forget that classic moment that she fell head-first down the steps at one of her shows.  That was a magical faceplant. The thing is–she always manages to turn it back around.

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She even causes failures in others! Was this girl a good singer before falling under the cursed gaze of Beyoncé? WE’LL NEVER KNOW! All we have is this moment:

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And let us never forget that she inspired this:

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Beyoncé is both blessing and curse, and she needs to realize that she can be a danger to herself or others. Here she almost kills a man with simply the power of her touch. Before going to far, though, she moves to the hug, and allows him to live yet one more day.

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– Earnest (On Twitter at @earnestp)