Better Watch This ‘Better Call Saul’ Teaser Before It Gets Pulled

We should’ve known. There was a Breaking Bad marathon this past week and of course AMC aired the very first footage from the new Better Call Saul show that everyone and their grandmother have been dying to see.

[[contentId: 2746495| | size: 100]]

After finding this clip on youtube from some random uploader, I’m curious why AMC themselves haven’t officially posted the clip online, instead forcing us to watch it from this guy’s cell phone. Hopefully the clip sticks around and AMC doesn’t start pulling it for whatever reason (the reason being they would rather an HD version floating online instead of this. Makes sense to me.)

Recently AMC had realistic Saul billboards posted in New Mexico, blending reality with the show which seems to be the style in which they’re marketing this thing. Come to think of it, what would make this bootleg commercial even better is if “Saul” had his own youtube channel and uploaded it himself, griping about how he’ll sue AMC. Or maybe I just need some more sleep, but I personally enjoy blending reality with the fiction of the show as they had also done with the Better Call Saul website, designed to look like a real sleazy attorney at law’s calling card. Pretty cool.

So what are your thoughts on this quick teaser? And better yet, who do you think Saul is talking to?

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