‘Better Call Saul’ Gets A Sneaky Billboard Ad In New Mexico

I have to say, I love marketing stunts like this, especially for the much anticipated spinoff to Breaking Bad. And people in New Mexico, the state in which Breaking Bad was set (and where Saul’s office is located), are the first to get targeted.

Spotted on I-25 in Albuquerque, you can spot a young looking Saul Goodman (real name James M. McGill) with what looks like a fake Tony Bennet-esque toupee.

And of course, what law office ad isn’t complete without a phone number. And it works! When I tried it, the line was busy so people must be going nuts over this push. I mean, it is a billboard afterall in a real city with real people driving by it, so good for AMC.  In fact, people are already posting images of the ad on their personal social media sites.

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But it has been reported that if you call and manage to get through, you get the message “Hello! You’ve reached the law office of James M McGill esquire, a lawyer you can trust. Kindly leave your information at the tone and Mr McGill will phone you promptly.”

This isn’t the first cool marketing push provided by AMC regarding the new show. Saul Goodman has his own website under BetterCallSaul.com where you can even watch a ‘live’ feed from Saul’s office as he takes calls under the tab “Office Webcam”. The feed lasts for about five minutes.

Details regarding Better Call Saul, an exploration on Bob Odenkirk’s small time lawyer character, are pretty sparse. Really the only info we have on the new series is that Bryan Cranston may return due to the show being one big flashback, so anything goes. Today, we’re lucky enough to finally see our first bit of marketing for what will be the most highly anticpated of the coming year.

The new series by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is set to premiere in “early 2015”. As if I wasn’t already excited, this billboard blending the show into reality makes it that much sweeter.


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