The Best VR Experiences On The Planet



“VR is coming,” Ned Stark, Game of Thrones

OK, maybe Ned Stark never actually said that, but VR is definitely here in a lot of awesome ways, so if you can’t wait the couple of years for the Earth to become a zombie-infested wasteland, you can experience it in the virtual world today. Even Elon Musk thinks we could be living in a virtual world, so might as well jump on board the VR train now before it’s our reality.

We have the low down on some of weirdest and coolest virtual reality experiences on the planet, so buff up your Oculus Rift, or if you aren’t Mark Zuckerberg, grab your cardboard VR helmet and check out these brain-bending virtual reality experiences.


Remember watching the movie Gravity and thinking how terrifying it would be to be stuck in space? Apparently someone else thought it would be fun, so they made it in the form of ADR1FT, a space survival game where you play an astronaut floating among wreckage with a suit leaking oxygen. Turns out when you aren’t actually slowly dying from asphyxiation, the scenario is very fun! In ADR1FT you struggle to survive as you repair your ship (via puzzles) and replenish your diminishing air supply, all in a gorgeous space backdrop. This one will be available on Steam, Oculus, PS4 and HTC Vive. 

The Last Call 360 Experience


The NHTSA is bringing one of the most in depth VR encounters of all time with their Last Call 360 Experience. The 360 Experience plants users in a  bar with the choice to drink or stay sober and follows that decision to its responsible or grizzly end. This 360 environment has opportunities to interact with bar patrons, play games and watch hot spot videos. Check out “the Last Call 360 Experience” here(Need link). 

Batman Arkham VR

My general motto is “more Batman stuff, please,” so once you throw VR in there I’m already on board. This Batman VR experience plays like a detective game as you act out a new Batman story in first person. That’s right. You get to be the Batman, minus the daddy issues (you’ll have to bring your own). You can examine bodies in the morgue (oddly satisfying), come face to face with Oswald Cobblepott, and even try to bitch-slap Alfred (also oddly satisfying). Even if you’re not a huge Batman fan, this game is a worth checking out, available on Playstation 4. 

Surgeon Simulator VR

The name is about as straight forward as it gets. It’s just like dissecting a lung back in science class except when you screw up no blood comes gushing at your face and nobody faints. The most fun part of Surgeon Simulator is seeing how poorly you’d actually perform a brain transplant, and better yet, you don’t have to simulate breaking the bad news to the family in the waiting room. You go through different surgery objectives, usually ending in a bloody mess whether you’ve succeeded or not. All the joy of getting your hands dirty without actually getting your hands dirty. You can download this for free on Steam for the HTC Vive. 

Job Simulator

We lug ourselves to work every day so we can get paid to buy games. Sometimes we lug ourselves to work every day so we can get paid to buy games where we lug ourselves to work every day. In Job Simulator uou play as a theme-park visitor in the year 2050 where the theme parks are simulations of jobs long since taken over by robots. Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk and Auto Mechanic are the playable jobs, so as long as you aren’t already all four of those things in your real life, this should be pretty fun! Let’s face it. We all have the fantasy of being a store clerk without actually wanting to be a store clerk. This VR experience will keep you way more interested than your shift at Trader Joe’s since each job has its own comedic twists that make it entertaining to explore. 

Elite: Dangerous

I used to have to put my chair on my mattress and turn off all the lights to simulate space combat (seriously, try it. It works if you don’t care about putting holes in your bed). Luckily with Elite:Dangerous, no chair on mattress is required to feel the rush of a space dog-fight. Elite: Dangerous gives massive multiplayer space combat in a smooth VR experience. This is more than just a vehicle for VR, it’s a full-on game that uses VR to enhance what is already great gameplay from the Elite series of games. Check it out on PC to get the VR experience, which is well worth it if you’ve got the computer to run it.


Thumbnail image from Flickr