Best Of The Year Quarterfinal: Stunts Vs. Fails

Today’s battle features polar opposites: The Coolest Stunts You’ve Seen This Year versus The Failingest Fails That Ever Failed. Why these two categories together? That’s a great question, one scholars will be debating for years to come. Just kidding, they won’t be. The Earth explodes or something on the 21st, so we’ll all be dead.

But, hey! Enjoy the time while you can. Watch these two videos and vote for the one you think deserves to move on to the next round. Life is good again!

The Coolest Stunts You’ve Seen This Year – Insane Gravity Defying Skills

[[contentId: 2310489| data-allowvote: true]]

Brandon McCuien works out. And like not a normal workout like the bros from Kappa Kappa Boner do, but like a crazy man. How else do you explain these awesome moves and the fact that he can keep jumping over and over and over again while flailing around midair? And, he never injures himself. If this were us attempting this, we’d jump once, do a 45 degree turn in the air, and land on our neck, break it, and die.

The Failingest Fails That Ever Failed – Cannonball Frozen Pool = Fail

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This video leaves so many questions left unanswered. What was this guy thinking? Did he not test the ice before attempting to ass-ram it? What was he going to do when it worked and he was suddenly engulfed with freezing water? It’s like the JJ Abrams of viral videos.

Vote away!